Naturale 2006/2007:

Dear friends of the NATURALE!
We would like to invite you to the 20th NATURALE film festival. Celebrate this anniversary with us, we have compiled a multifarious and diversified programme for you.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Dr. Reinhard Flößer
Director of the Pfalzmuseum für Naturkunde

Ottfried Michael Lind
1. Chairman of the Naturale-Gesellschaft e.V.

Wolfgang Lutz
Mayor of the City of Bad Dürkheim and Chairman
of the Zweckverband Pfalzmuseum für Naturkunde

Programme of the festival

Thursday, 12th April 2007
The Maus is coming to Bad Dürkheim!

03:00 -04:30 p.m. | Dürkheimer Haus
Event for children with the team from the
„Sendung mit der Maus“
Free Admission

Friday, 13. April 2007
„The NATURALE is celebrating!“

4:00 - 6:30 p.m. | Dürkheimer Haus | free Admission

Public festive event for the 20th NATURALE:
In 1985, the first NATURALE took place. We celebrate this anniversary with a retrospect and a look into the future!
Honorary Award 2007 of the Naturale-Gesellschaft e.V. to the founders of the NATURALE:
Emil Hörtenhuber (Bad Dürkheim) and Dr. Wolfgang Walter Gettmann (Düsseldorf) by the hands of Mayor Wolfgang Lutz (Bad Dürkheim) and Volker Schlegel (Councillor Administrative district of Kusel)

Chefs, footballers, Comedians – German television is all about entertainment…
Do nature films and documentaries stand a chance when it comes to viewing rates?

With Dr. Angelika Zahrnt, (Member of the ZDF television comittee and chairperson of the BUND)
Heike Raab, MdL (Member of the SWR radio comittee)
Dr. Frank Neuschulz (Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Berlin)
Jörn Röver (Editor, NDR Naturfilm, Hamburg)
Gottfried Müller, (Member of the SWR radio comittee, member of the Consistory, Protestant church of Palatinate) and others

An event organized by the Naturale-Gesellschaft e.V. in collaboration with the Pfalzmuseum für Naturkunde and supported by the City of Bad Dürkheim and FINGADO GmbH, Mannheim

Friday, 13. April 2007 | Invitation only
Reception of the City of Bad Dürkheim for Participants of the 20. NATURALE

08:00 p.m. (invitation only)
with Mayor Wolfgang Lutz

Workshops – registration required | Saturday, 14th April 2007

Workshop W 1
09:00 –10:00 a.m.
Reportages and magazine articles –
What, when and where?
Many filmmakers are now trying out new formats for nature films. Reinhard Schneider of the SWR explains the possibilities filmmakers have of placing topics and materials with today’s editorial departments.
He shows the workflows, responsibilities and expectations.
Speaker: Reinhard Schneider, SWR

Workshop W 2
10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Exchange of experiences concerning licensing, archive and music laws

We will talk about tricky legal questions and discuss the possibilities with regard to contract wordings.
Speaker: Annette Scheurich, Marco Polo Film AG

Workshop W 3
12:00 – 01:00 p.m.
Exchange of Experiences - Filming with HD

By now, almost everybody has his or her own experiences with HD. We will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the various cameras and systems.
Speaker: Klaus Scheurich, Marco Polo Film AG

Workshop W 4
02:00 – 03:00 p.m.
Filming underwater – Technology and practice

A representative of equipment company Marlin shows film technology, casing technology, maintenance and tips for filming under water
Speaker: Ingo Vollmer, Firma Marlin

Workshop W 5
03:30 – 04:30 p.m.
Narrative techniques of the nature film

From courageous adventurers to quiet birdwatchers,
from Earth’s biggest waterfall to flat East Fries-
land – animal documentaries have many faces.
Where is the modern nature film heading?
Speaker: Jörn Röver, NDR Naturfilm

No participation fee.
Venue for the Workshops: Dürkheimer Haus.
Registration for Workshops and the award ceremony as well as further information are available at

Updated information and registration for the NATURALE 2006/2007 is available online

Saturday, 14th April 2007
Awards Ceremony of the NATURALE 2006/2007

19:00 Uhr | Salierhalle, Bad Dürkheim (signposted)
Free Admission | Doors: 6:00 p.m.

Presentor: Wolfgang Schumacher
Patronage: premier minister of Rhineland-Palatinate Kurt Beck
Experience film- and televisionmakers live!
Announcement of the Jury’s decisions... Presentation of exciting extracts from the nominated films and TV productions... Tributes to the winners of the competitions for amateur and professional filmmaker

Nominated Films by Professionals
Competition “Classic nature film”
Ach du lieber Hirsch
(Oh deer)
Gerd Weiss – WDR, Cologne

Bulgarien – durch den wilden Balkan
(Bulgaria - across the wild Balkan peninsula)
Dr. Ernst Sasse – NDR, Hamburg

Die Wiese
(The meadow)
Jan Haft – NDR, Hamburg

Die wunderbare Welt der Pilze
(The wonderful world of mushrooms)
Karlheinz Baumann & Volker Arzt – WDR, Cologne

Hunters at the Cape of Storms
Thomas Behrend – Blue Planet Film, Hamburg

Namaqualand – der Blumengarten Afrikas
(Namaqualand - Africa’s flower garden)
Lynne & Philip Richardson – ORF Universum, Vienna

Marderhunde – vom Amur bis zur Elbe
(Racoon Dogs - from Amur to the river Elbe)
Henry Mix – NDR, Hamburg

Competition „Magazine Contributions“
„Hallo Natur“ – Beitrag über den Sperlingskauz
(Article on the Eurasian Pygmy owl)
Ralph and Svenja Schieke – NDR-Hallo Niedersachsen,

Warum gibt es immer nur ein schwarzes Schaf?
(Why is there always just one black sheep?)
Birgit Quastenberg – WDR, Cologne

„OWL Natur“ Beitrag über den Bitterling
(Article on the Bitterling)
Michael Blaschke & Ulrich Haufe – WDR-Studio Bielefeld

Jury professional filmmakers:
Prof. Gert Müntefering | former director of family television, WDR, honorary professor at Kassel University
Dr. Angelika Zahrnt | Chairperson of the BUND and
Member of the Television Committee of the ZDF
Bernd Küsters | former head of television entertainment, HR
Birgit Radow | Manager of the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, Hamburg (German foundation for Wild Animals)
Ilona Jerger | Editor-in-chief of „Natur & Kosmos“ magazine, Munich

special award for professional filmmakers
„Low Budget Production“ | Promotional Award donated by
the premier minister of Rhineland-Palatinate

Das Geheimnis des Ziegenmelkers
Stefan Simank & Dr. Peter Simank – MDR-Landesfunkhaus
Sachsen-Anhalt, Magdeburg

„Natur- und Umweltreportagen“
(Nature and Environmental Documentaries) | Award of the Foundation for Nature and the Environment Rhineland-Palatia (Natur und Umweltstiftung Rheinland-Pfalz)

Tarantula – Australiens Königin der Spinnen
(Tarantula - Australia’s Queen of Spiders)
Gisela Kaufmann – WDR, Cologne

„Heimische Fauna“ | Award of the German Foundation for Wild Animals (Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, Hamburg)
Im Wald der fliegenden Edelsteine
(In the forest of flying precious stones)

Günther Bludszuweit & Ilona Riehl – Bayerischer
Rundfunk, Munich

„Welten unter Wasser“ (Worlds under Water) | Special Award
Revolution am Riff: Hoffnung für die Korallen
(Reef Revolution - Hope for Corals)

Florian Guthknecht – Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich
The special award (underwater camera) is donated by Firma Marlin, Waldbronn

Nominated films by Amateur filmmakers
Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
(National park Bavarian Forest)
Christoph Becker, Berlin

Leben am seidenen Faden
(Life hanging on a string)
Willy Lang, Sandweiler (Luxembourg)

Für ADEBAR unterwegs
(On the road for storks)
Susanne Hoffmann, Graftath

Registration & Information
Online registration
Or register at the Naturale-Office

Jutta Henkel
Tel.: ++49(0)6327/96 10 11
Fax: ++49 (0) 63 27 / 96 10 12
Mobile Phone: (during the festival): 01577-3941303
Postal Address: Pfalzmuseum für Naturkunde (POLLICHIA-
Museum), Hermann-Schäfer-Str. 17, 67098 Bad Dürkheim, Germany

Information regarding accommodation and bookings
Tourist Information Bad Dürkheim
Kurbrunnenstr. 14,
67098 Bad Dürkheim,

Tel.: ++49 (0) 6322/9566-250
Fax: ++49 (0) 6322/9566-259

The Programme of the 20th Naturale will be organized by the
Executive Committee of the Naturale-Gesellschaft e.V.
(the Naturale Society):
Petra Enz-Meyer, Heike Krebs, Ottfried Michael Lind,
Dr. Reinhard Flößer, Jürgen Stahf, Jürgen Schaaf

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